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In the Press: Christopher Marley

Christopher Marley, the artist behind Pheromone Design, was in the New York Times on Monday.  In the science section, the NY Times reviewed his most recent book "Biophilia" and declared it much more than just a coffee table book.

The second book of Marley's, the first being "Pheromone" (2008) available at Darby Road HOME, which focuses only on insects, "Biophilia" contains images of insects as well as "sea creatures, reptiles, birds and fossils, and minerals."  Marley's work is an attempt to remind us of the wild creatures in which we share this world.  "'Biophilia' is a praise song to all of those lovely and often exotic fellow travelers whom at best we ignore and at worst thoughtlessly kill.  It also rightly and subtly scolds us, insists that we are somehow less human when we're too distracted and dazed by our digital semi-lives."

We are honored to be one of the few authorized retailers of Christopher Marley's Pheromone Collection in Massachusetts.  DRH will soon also have "Biophilia," along with "Pheromone" and four of his framed works of art, available for purchase in our Showroom.

source: NY TIMES