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Pheromone: Fine Art- Not What You Were Thinking

In light of this upcoming weekend- Valentines Day and the premier of 50 Shades of Grey- we figured it would be apropos to discuss our beloved Pheromone line.  

Christopher Marley is the designer/artist behind Pheromone.  From his love of nature and its inherently sleek design, we find his creations of symmetrically displayed insects, birds, fossils, crystals, among others, in framed art.  Every piece is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other.

Darby Road HOME proudly displays four Pheromone pieces in our showroom.  The crown jewel is our 40" x 60" Green Wing Macaw from the Reclamation Bird Line.  The last person to purchase one of the Macaw's for his home was the President of Nike, Mark Parker.  At this time there is only one available in the country and you can find it here at Darby Road HOME!  It is quite a statement piece. You have to see it in person to effectively absorb its beauty, but here is a little preview:

We have three frames from his 16" x 20" Reclamation Insect Line- the Helicopter Damselfly, the Sangaris Prism and the Aesthetica Mosaic.

All of these pieces are available to purchase at Darby Road HOME.

**It should be noted that no organisms are harmed for the creation of this product.  Marley acquires them through his relationships with museums, breeders and zoos after they die of natural or incidental causes.