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Boarding School : DRH Thanksgiving Pins

Because, clearly, time is on fast forward, Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS AWAY.  It's not even too early at this point to be grocery shopping for it.  And it's definitely not too early to be planning how you're going to host, food plan, decorate and entertain.

If you are hosting, things to start considering are:

  • number of guests
  • guest count compared to number of chairs and spaces at your table
  • where to gather your extra seating and table space if necessary (hint: DRH)
  • the main dish.  turkey? ham? lasagna? All 3? Or is that just my family?
  • how many side dishes you are making
  • WHAT side dishes you are making
  • how many side dishes you're going to delegate to your guests
  • grocery list
  • serving dishes and platters
  • the TABLE SCAPE- we're obviously arriving at the really important stuff
  • place cards? (see hint + photo)
  • where to place people around the table (your brother's hot girlfriend and creepy uncle Frank should probably be placed as far apart as possible)
  • centerpiece ideas
  • decorations- on the mantle, on walls, on etageres, in cabinets or on consoles
  • entryway!
  • living room seating and decor- football will be on. (see hint)
  • bar cart set up
  • and last and most importantly, cocktails.

Quiet your little hostess heart- DRH is here for you.  

If furniture is one area where you need some items, don't forget that we are giving 25% off all dining tables in November.  There are discounts on chairs too.  The sale applies to in-stock items as well as special orders- so if you need something ASAP, come in and shop our floor models.

Take a look at and follow our DRH Thanksgiving board for recipes, inspiration and ideas for Thanksgiving preparations and entertaining.  You will want everything set up, decorated, pre-chopped and ready to go the day before.  Day Of is about coordinating your dishes and food and not worrying about all the extra details.  

Look at you, so prepared!