Remodeling and Home Design

Bar Method

Some like to exercise, some enjoy a cocktail.  Whatever it takes to warm you up, gear you up, or wind you down.  But with the holidays in mind, we're going to take the obvious route and discuss the bar method. 

And by that I mean, our new Bar Cabinet that is now the DRH Showroom's shining beacon of light and joy.

I'm not being pithy.  When you open the stunning herringbone walnut veneer doors with aged gold hardware, light literally automatically turns on and shines from the inside of this bar cabinet.  The light illuminates the persimmon (I could have called it red, but that's so normal sounding, and it's a bit softer to the eye than that) and reflects off the mirrored backsplash.

There are two levels of shelving mounted to the sides; the right hand side will allow you to hang your stemmed glasses.  There is only one higher level of shelving against the mirrored backsplash so there is space to look yourself in the eye and congratulate yourself on your refined taste and general sense of greatness.  The tiered shelving on the bottom is structured to properly display your fabulous bottles of libations and there are two wine storage drawers under that. Close the doors and what's left is that undeniably gorgeous finish and a large glass shelf on the bottom.

The bottom shelf is a great space for cocktail recipe books, pitchers, a humidor, your Tiffany Atlas Crystal Ice Bucket or any other unique entertaining piece you'd like easy access to.  The top has enough surface area as well to stage other interesting items.  We have three large forest green jugs right now.  They add height and the green plays into the up-coming holiday decor.

Voilà. The Bar Method.  Darby Road HOME style.


*please excuse the photo quality.  the cabinet is set against windows and made lighting quite tricky.