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You're Bacon Me Crazy

Happy Valentines Day.

...I mean, Happy Valentines Day!!

Hallmark Holiday or not, we are often surrounded by people who enjoy this day.  Luckily, the DRH showroom is stocked with short and sweet Valentines day gifts (see last weeks PWL here for ideas) as well as larger items that will totally wow your love.

If you're like me, then all you need is a fun night and a thoughtful gift paved with diamonds.  Or nailheads - see aforementioned PWL.

Nothing gets me in the mood for romance quite like booze and bacon, who's with me?  With that being said, I've done the dirty work and selected two recipes- one sweet, one spicy- that will get your evening started off right.  You can thank me later.  Keep the details to yourself though.  That's personal.