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6 Spring Refresh Tips for 2019

Despite the mild weather we had this winter in New England, all of us at Darby Road are so excited for Spring and nice weather! Spring is the best time to clean out your home, refresh your decor and get ready for the summer! Here are some of our tips on how to rejuvenate your home to reflect the growth and change a new season brings.

  1. Throw Pillows! Swap out those old, dark throw pillows and refresh with some new brighter ones! Or patterned, if you’re feeling particularly wild! This is a great way to refresh an entire room, without breaking the budget.

  2. New Bedding! Another easy, budget-friendly tip. Swap out your heavy winter duvet, for a light and airy spring one! Try a lighter color, some floral patterns, or a lighter linen.

“Make It A Double”  $1130

“Make It A Double” $1130

3. Artwork This is one of my favorite things to change out- It’s a bit more of an expensive option, but it makes a massive difference. Spring is all about bright colors and freshness, so adding new artwork, or swapping out the artwork you do already have- is a great way to dress up your space and make a big impact.

4. Renovation Time! Have room in your budget for a renovation? Now is the perfect time to do it! Whether you choose to go the D.I.Y route, or the professional route, this is the best time to re-imagine your space. This way, it’s done for all the fabulous summer parties you’ll throw!

5. De-clutter, Organize & Purge! It’s time to get rid of all that old junk you’ve been hanging onto and make room for new things! Whether it’s your closet, your pantry, your living room, or your basement; Take a day and go through each space, deciding what pieces to keep and what pieces to donate.


6. Flowers & Plants Bring spring into your home through fresh flowers and plants. If you’re not the best plant-parent or maybe you have allergies, try some succulents, they’re fairly easy to care for and are a great addition to liven up a space! I love bringing in air-purifying plants into my space this time of year.

Now you’re ready for the warm months! If you try out any of these tips, let us know on Instagram @darbyroadhome! We’d love to see what you do.