Remodeling and Home Design

Trunk Show : Vendor ONE

The Darby Road HOME showroom is gearing up for next month's Trunk Show and the hand selected vendors that we'll be featuring for the whole week.

The Trunk Show will run from October 1-8th during our regular business hours.  Vendors will be present during the week with their specialty jewelry, candles, pillows and accessories that you can shop right in our showroom.  At the end of the week, DRH will add up all of the sales from the Trunk Show and donate 10% of the proceeds to HomeStart, a charitable organization that provides housing stabilization services.  You can view their website to learn more about the amazing work they do.  Darby Road HOME is proud to be aligning ourselves with such a necessary cause that hits very close to home.  Excuse the pun.

We began receiving product yesterday from our first vendor, AU Collection.  We are dying over these candles.  They look like they came right out of a 3D Printer.  Just LOOK at these pieces.  DRH has partnered with this product so that anytime one of these sells, we are going to donate to HomeStart, while supplies last.  And they won't last long.  (READ: THESE ARE PERFECT GIFTS.)

Andrej Urem, poet, sculptor, graphic and product designer said it best himself, "My candles are hand poured and made out of the best quality ecologically friendly soy wax. The soybeans used are grown in the USA, and the wax made from them is specially blended with palm and beeswax to enhance needed firmness. The flame burns a cylinder inside the core in such a way as to leave the sides of the candle to remain intact, transparent, and illuminated. The burning time of each candle can exceed more than sixty hours."

They're already on display at the showroom.  We have a limited amount, and in the first day on display, we sold ten.

See you soon!