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Listen, if I could marry a color (besides Gold- which is more a state of mind than a color), it would be gray.  I like it when it's dark and moody.  I like it when it's airy and wispy.  I like it when it's muddled in earth tones.  I love it when it's plumby purple.  I love it warm; it's actually one of the only things I enjoy when it's cool.  I love it when it stands alone as a pure representation of when black meets white. 

But this sky and this weather are giving me reason to take a break from my love.  It's like when you need a girls weekend from married/parenting life every now and then.

Not that I know what that's like.

(I do.)

When one of the Darby Road HOME in-house designers let me dig into her iPhone photo album from her recent travels to LA, Palm Springs, NY and Miami (yeah, I know) it was as if I was on that much needed break. COLOR.  EVERYWHERE.  Being that it's Cinco de Mayo and I'm enjoying a Margarita with a space heater beating on my legs, it's like I'm actually there.  Join me.

The decor was mod, traditional and everything in between, but they played with color like a school yard crush.  I wouldn't even call this a trend so much as a statement.  We New Englanders will not succumb to the doldrums of this weather.  Until summer, we will persevere and create the vibrance we need to survive!  And drink and aim space heaters at ourselves.

This is why it pays to work with DRH Design Services.  Our designers bring their interior design inspiration into your home!  Experience, travels, technical knowledge, a sheer knack and a keen eye are all elements that make up an outstanding designer.  That and a great relationship with our client.  So come, meet, greet and get started.  We are having weekly Wine Tastings this month- every Thursday from 4-6- with a flash sale of 10 items up to 50% off.  No obligation.  Just visit, sip + shop.