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Trend: Be Our Guest Rooms

Tis the season!

Guest rooms are a perky little plus to summer.  Either you're a guest and are able to get out of dodge and visit a friend or you're the host and have company on their way.

If you have an extra space on hand for visitors, or if your regular bedroom needs a summer time spruce, here's some fun inspiration and tips to get you started!

1. Pick a color/theme and stick to it.  White paired with a bright color is a simple and playful way to go.  Blue, Coral, Kelly Green all classic colors that look stunning with white.  Play with a few patterns/florals in shades of your color and you've got a master piece.  When in doubt, stick to one pattern, one floral and one texture and lots of white.

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I'd also have a light basket weave tray mounted to the wall in between the sconces.  Something earthy and round and a few feet in diameter.   Maybe a jute rug instead.  In love with the two stools at the foot of the bed!

2. Play with Pattern and neutral texture. Its the summer!  Allowing a statement upholstery fabric in a variety of colors take center stage is totally  welcome!  Linens and large fiber weaves along with a paisley or floral print balance eachother out and still feel breezy and warm.

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The best part is the fabric determines all the colors for your accessories.  Your walls and wall treatments are neutral, the carpet or area rug is neutral or selected in a calm shade from your print (as an example, pulling from this fabric I'd recommend a light grey, a soft chartruese, or a blue as light as the glass lamp on the side table).  Your accessories can then pull from the more bold colors in this palette.  And voila!  You have a cohesive and balanced room.

3. No size is too small.  Even if your guest room is a tiny space, it's still possible to create a comfortable spot with all the accoutrements of a lovely night away.   You have to be mindful of scale here.  See our previous post on how to achieve this.  Just remember to keep your decor neutral and simple.  Mirrors add visual space to a small room, add light and dimension.  Highly recommended in a small space.  They don't even have to be eye level, but they do have to relative in size to the rest of the room. 

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Keep your patterns and curtains neutral and light and be sure to offer some sort of flanking bed side tables, even if they're tiny.  

4. Keep it simple!  Upcycling some vintage furniture and some fun little finds from your travels tells a story to your guests and gives them a worldly feeling while they're away from home.  You don't have to go out and spend lots of money to create a comfortable space you can be proud to share.

Rustic is a huge trend and being that these pieces are generally well loved, you're not going to feel like this design scheme will be out of fashion any time soon.  Vintage books, antique framed art, and a pitcher of flowers makes you feel like you're in your PJs about to have some pie with grandma.  If that's not a break from the normal day-to-day, I don't know what is.  Your guests will love this.

Happy decorating!  Happy hosting! Contact us if you have any questions or if you need us to help you make turn these ideas into a reality!