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How to Seat All Your Holiday Guests

            Many homeowners are forgoing the formal dining room in favor of an open-floor concept, opting to have a less formal dining area that can accommodate large gatherings, particularly around the holidays. Seating tends to become something that is overlooked- you find a great table that can seat 12 and have your heart set on it, only to find out that the cost of chairs is nearly triple the price of the table.


Now I bet you’re asking yourself “Why are chairs so expensive?” and there’s a relatively easy answer to this. Craftsmanship- a well-made chair requires serious craftsmanship and talent. Today, many chairs are stapled or glued together, resulting in a flimsy chair. By taking the time (and time is money!) to create more intricate joinery, the result is an expertly crafted, sturdy chair. Nothing would be worse than having a chair collapse on a guest!

How do we solve this dilemma? At Darby Road HOME, we often suggest a combination of seating options. This is a budget friendly option that creates a pleasing aesthetic when done correctly. As we mentioned earlier, homeowners tend to go for a less-formal dining area and bench-seating is a great option for this. A bench on one side of the table can accommodate several seats. Another fun method to break up the seating is by utilizing a mix of solid wood and upholstered seating. This creates depth and dimension in the space, allowing homeowners to add an eclectic touch through the upholstery, while also allowing for wiggle room in the budget.

Another fun way to add seating is by using ottomans, stools and sturdy side tables from your space. These pieces are versatile as they can work as tables or storage, while doubling as seating options for those big game nights and holiday gatherings when more people showed up than you expected! This type of seating can also be easily tucked away when it is not in use.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite, creative solution is to accommodate your guests. We’d love to hear!

The Transformation

When Michelle obtained ownership of Darby Road HOME May of 2014 the showroom and store front was suffering from an identity crisis.  Customers weren't quite sure what DRH was all about.  Was is an antique store?  Was it a consignment shop? Michelle knew, in order to thrive, she needed to build a brand and inform the potential buyer that DRH was indeed a full service furniture store that sold custom upholstery, in addition to case goods, art and thoughtfully chosen accessories.  The logo needed to reflect that upholstery was DRH's focus and that is why she chose a classic upholstered chair as her logo.  In addition, Michelle wanted the outside to look inviting.  She was advised to not waste money on changing the awnings, but she couldn't be convinced.  It also drove her crazy that there was no awning over the front door.  She realized why the previous owner never put an awning over the front door pretty quickly!  It required pulling a permit, having an inspection, and paying additional fees.  But in the end it was the right decision.  For one thing it keeps the rain from falling on her customers as they close their umbrellas before entering the store on rainy days.    

While the exterior is an ongoing challenge, the plants, new back-lit sign, and lighting in the windows has definitely made Darby Road HOME more inviting to the passing customer.  Michelle is excited about the upcoming 1 year anniversary of owning DRH in May.  Spring time will bring another round of small improvements.  Once people enter the door they are pleasantly surprised that they decided to stop and see what Darby Road HOME is all about.