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Living on the Edge...

Live edge wood slab furniture is unique, live edge wood slab furniture crafted from salvaged timbers. This furniture retains the nature edge of the wood. This type of furniture includes tabletops, bar tops, benches, consoles tables, coffee tables, dining tables, boardroom table and wall art. The pieces can never be exactly replicated, hence they are unique furniture ideally suited for the home and workplace.


Live Edge Wood Furniture utilizes the unique curves and shape of the wood of the tree used. Each piece of furniture is one of a kind that has no equal. They are designed such that they retain part of the original shape of the tree. They have a natural beauty from their unique grains and knots, giving them an organic look. The furniture is also designed such that the owner can enjoy the natural beauty marks like cracks, grains, knots and other imperfections that are not found in other products.

Tables made of live edge wood are great for your dining room, living room and any part of the house. Here are the advantages of decorating your home with a live edge table:

  • Sustainable product with 100% natural finishes.
  • They are durable. This furniture design is made of hardwood. You can tell the age of the wood by looking at the grain, which is visible on its edge.  Our natural finish is easy to re-apply & maintain.
  • They remain stylish.  You can never go wrong with live edge furniture as their style is neutral and complement with most interior designs today.  The natural beauty of the wood is timeless.
  • It is resistant to wear and tear.   No veneers, no cheap MDF or plywood, 100% solid hardwood construction.  REAL Furniture.
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Come in today to see the different finishes available. This timeless piece is just waiting for you...