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Performance Fabrics and the Oscars!

Well the 89th Oscars was last night and I think we can all agree that the whole show was quite the performance! I stayed up all night to get to the "good" part at the end for all the big movies and actors, I was enjoying some delicious red wine, goat cheese, and crackers when OOPS the biggest Oscar blunder!


Needless to say I spilled/spit my RED WINE on my new couch in total shock and confusion, and I'm not going to lie I cried a little bit. I spent many hours picking out the frame, fabric, fill, color, and matching pillows and throw so I was pretty upset when I spilled wine, but then I remembered that our amazing manager Jackie insisted that I use Sunbrella fabric for my new sofa. I can not even begin to tell you how relieved I was when a little bit of water, cleaning solution, and lots of love and the stain just vanished!

Performance fabrics are textiles engineered to resist stains, abrasions, fading, and pet-hair damage. Easy to clean, they will offer years of carefree maintenance when it comes to caring for your upholstery.

If you have an active household we HIGHLY recommend using a performance fabric like Sunbrella, you will have no regrets when someone spills wine or grubby little baby hands "clean" their hands on your furniture. Performance fabrics have changed the game in the furniture world, the durability, color, and design options are endless. Take a look at a few of these samples that are available to you when you choose a custom upholstery piece here at Darby Road HOME.

Sunbrella is our go to choice as it is made of acrylic fibers with pigmentation added prior to extrusion. What does that mean for you? It means Sunbrella offers a rich look and the feel of cotton, but does not fade or degrade.

Here is my formula for buying a new sofa: durable fabric + easy to clean + great color and/or pattern= a wonderful sofa!! If this still seems overwhelming let one of Designers help to pick out your perfect piece whether it be a new swivel chair, sofa, dining chairs, headboard we can do it all.  Click this link to set your free in store Design Consultation.

If you already have Sunbrella furniture at home then you are one step ahead of the game, but you will need this...the ultimate cleaning guide for all things Sunbrella!

We want to hear from you! Let us know how much you love your performance fabric piece.

Image Source: Sunbrella