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Neat Freak

Compulsivity has such a bad rap.  It's totally unfair.

In January, compulsivity is generally at an annual high.  The bandwagon is stuffed to the gills with fitness, behavioral, nutritional and organizational resolutions and the call to action is strong for about two weeks.

And then we go back to normal.  Because ain't nobody got time for that.

Now.  If you're a compulsive person in general and being a control freak about certain things brings you joy and a sense of ownership in this weird world, then you're in good company and January becomes justification for your bizarre need to vacuum your dustbuster.  Personally, I am an utter maniac about my environment.  Everything has a place.  Everything needs to be in its place, and if it isn't, everything seems out of whack.  (I'm out of whack, I know, but just go with it for a minute.)

In the spirit of renewal, beginning 2016 fresh, and the inspiration of fellow freaks of nature like myself, I have compiled a new DRH Pinterest board based on Storage and Organizational Solutions.  Some are DIY, some involve re-purposing random articles around the house, and some will require you to hire your favorite local eye candy to install the under the stairway office.  All in good fun.

So enjoy your post work-out siesta with your diet wine and your light Cabot cheddar cheese and turkey pepperoni and be inspired.  And remember, you're a good person and people like you.  You're nobody's doormat.

DRH Storage Solutions