Remodeling and Home Design

The Velvet Underground

Tis the season for seeking warmth and comfort from the deep freeze.  We entertain inside our homes, we dine in, we do whatever we can to enjoy ourselves and avoid goosebumps and shivers.

I'm wearing my parka right now as a delivery to our showroom requires our loading dock double doors to remain wide open.  I'm so cold, Jack.

But, New Englanders can always find the silver lining in the seasons, and if nothing else, winter does allow us to embrace texture and faux fur, and shearling, and fleece and VELVET.  Velvety smooth, delicious, cozy, find a blanket and hide from the wind-chill velvet.

Below, find some velvet upholstery pieces that I find to be inspirational.  They are fabulous for the season and will work year round.   They are not limited to a sixties vibe, nor do they look like they came straight out of Kensington Palace.  A lot of these are transitional pieces that will blend in with any design scheme in any room.  And, of course, if you need a DRH Designer to help you in this process, our Design Services are always available. 

Watch and learn.