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Interior Design : Four Season Design

As the season begins to turn and we are greeted with cooler temps and foliage, you find yourself standing in your living room looking for a change.  

It's a characteristic, or rather, a symptom, of the consummate New Englander.  We need change, a revolving color palette that depicts coral, navy and white in the warm summer months; Marsala, cognac and black in the fall; ivory, gold and gray during the winter; chartreuse, powder blue and lime green in spring and then back to the start once we are blissfully graced with summer.

But with all this change, the big question remains: how does one pick a backdrop that will withstand this annual evolution?  Couches, rugs, furniture, wall colors each need to complement the evolving accessories, throws, pillows, linens and artwork that are dictated by the season at hand.

The answer is obviously to stick to neutrals.  Boring, boring, boring. 

At least in the past.  Lately I find that neutral means more than beige and dark gray.  Thankfully.  

Now we are finding that navy, black, white, cognac, slight patterns and even pale colors are acting as stand-ins for the old rule of thumb behind neutral color choices.  And of course, leather in any color generally acts as a hardy stage for 12 months of decorative scene changes.

Click the image below to check out a great article on upholstery color choices that will accommodate a variety of palettes.  Our slider beneath that gives you an idea of seasonal decor each with a more than neutral backdrop.  

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