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Interior Design + Art: A Shore Thing

Greetings!  Talk about a heat wave.  Every time I feel a complaint about to bubble up, I chew it back.  After the winter we just had, 

I vowed never to complain about summer weather and I'm staying true to my word.  But... MY WORD, is it hot.

These sunny summery days have me thinking about our summer homes and how lovely it is to enjoy them while we can.  We at DRH specialize in selecting and customizing the bigger pieces; case-goods, custom upholstery and dining furniture, but we also feel it's crucial to adorn your walls with just the right pieces.  They are often the crown jewels of interior design, just the touch to complete the look. 

In honor of our short lived and beloved season, here are some our our favorite summery pieces:

From maps, to corals, to vintage signage and anything that takes residence in the ocean, we have it ready for you to bring home.  Let these pieces commemorate the view from your summer home windows or remind you of what we all long for during the year in your first homes.  Happy sunning!  Don't forget your SPF!