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Can you feel it??  Spring is working so hard to make it's presence known.  Warm weather, tulips coming up, birds chirping, clocks changing on Sunday... Yessss.

With the excitement of light and growth comes the awareness that the corners of the house need wiping, the shelves need reorganizing, the rugs could stand to be left out in the sunlight for a bit of freshness.  Windows open!  Wipe the sills, clean the air vents, vacuum the cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling.  Wait, did I already do that?  

There's a lot to be done to bring your home to life again and DRH is right there with you.  While we all do that in our respective homes, we also collectively do that in the showroom.  In the midst of prepping for our fun St. Patrick's day showroom celebrations, and gearing up for Easter, Spring has sprung, however slightly, and it has us all abuzz.

Click on over to our Pinterest page to peruse our Spring Forward board.  Be inspired by furniture, outfits, cleaning hacks, lists to help you stay on track, and room ideas.  

Then go have a fabulous glass of Prosecco to commemorate the effervescence of SPRING!

DRH Spring Forward