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Hot Trend: Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Now you might think this sounds totally crazy but here are a few great reasons to consider this hot new trend:

1. Kids. Kids ruin everything and outdoor furniture is virtually indestructible. With fabrics like Sunbrella, which make for easy cleanup when ice cream or juice are spilled but also resin wicker is super durable, modern, and easy maintenance. 

2. Inexpensive. Of course this is all relative to your budget but does the idea that you could get a couch, two chairs, lounger and a glass coffee table for under $1000 sound appealing? Undoubtedly. With the amount it would cost for just the traditional living room sofa, you could get a brand-spanking new set of furniture and have it look fresh out of the box. If you’re thinking ahead for next year, you can score a set on super sale at most any retailer once they start pulling out the fall displays. Even if you go very high-end, you can time it right, and get a more lavish set for up to 10 people to comfortably hang out for far less than the average cost of a living room set which usually only seats 3-4 people. 

3. Timeless. The days of just white plastic chairs by the pool are long gone, outdoor furniture now-a-days is clean and timeless. With a dark rattan or wicker finish this look could go with any aesthetic. 

4. Functionality. Unlike typical indoor furniture, which has a shelf life that may vary by how hard you use it, outdoor furniture can live for a very long time. If you find that you want to go ultra chic and invest in that leather sofa, you can - without the guilt of feeling like you you’re betraying your perfectly good existing set. Outdoor furniture can always be placed outside again. 

5. Go Green. Being green and environmentally-conscious is something that we should all consider. While there are options when it comes to traditional furnishing, materials like Polyethylene Synthetic Wicker is much more sustainable. In fact, it’s a 100% recyclable material that is non-toxic, posing no harm to mother nature! 

6. Beautiful. If done right it is beautiful! 

Outdoor furniture is a growing, exciting market. With new variations that include eco-friendly, recycled materials, designer coverings, you will certainly be able to maintain all your dignity when substituting traditional furnishings with this more affordable alternative. 

OK, so do I have you on board?! Now that you have realized the benefits of using outdoor furniture indoors, below are a just a taste of the pieces that we carry at Darby Road that can be used both outdoors and indoors!

Happy Decorating!

-- DRH Style Team