Remodeling and Home Design

Horse 499

Enter the DRH Showroom and take a sharp left.  You'll know it when you see it.

Brian Hibbard's Horse 499 is the result of an exciting collaboration between Darby Road HOME and Jules Place, a gallery in its seventeenth year located in the SoWa district of Boston.  Through this collaboration, new and original artwork will be showcased in the DRH showroom.

Horse 499- just like the rest of Hibbard's collection- "bridges ancient and modern sensibilities.  The subjects are often classical figures and portraits, but [Hibbard's] use of materials is pure expressionism."  This original 48" x 60" mixed media on panel has found a temporary home at DRH until someone comes in and takes it home.  In person, you see the underlying edges of vintage newsprint imprinted throughout the entirety of the panel, masked by the silhouette of a horse.

Brian Hibbard is based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, but you can find more of his work at Jules Place in Boston.