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Interior Design 101: Mixed Metals

It’s no secret that brass is back in, and has been back in for a while. Looking for a way to stay with the trends but are looking for longevity? This is why we love mixing metals! It’s recent trend that we are loving though, is mixed metals! Why settle for one when you can make multiple work together?!

We’re going to tell you a few key ways to successfully mix metals in your interior space! Now remember, these is just our two cents, the most important part of design is keeping your space you!


Choose a Dominant Metal!
We said this in our post about pattern mixing, and it stands true with any kind of mixing! A good way to decide is basing it off of your overall style. For example, if you’re more interested in traditional interiors, use gold or brass as your main metal, accenting with other metals. Into contemporary design? Dominate with chrome or stainless steel, accenting with brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. There are so many options! When mixing metals, we recommend matching finishes. (We’ll talk more about that next!)

Mix Finishes!

Not sure if you’re convinced about metal mixing? Try mixing your finishes of the same metal! For instance, if you’re into copper, great! Go with it! But try displaying it in different ways. Use a glossy finish in one part of your space, but balance it out by using an antique finish elsewhere. Not into the antique look? Try using hammered metals as well! The point being, mixing up the finishes might just be your perfect recipe for a mixed metal interior.


Go Overboard
It’s easy to get carried away with any aspect of design. General rule of thumb here is stick to two metals. If your space is really large, you can probably get away with three choices, though. With two, you have a dominant one (yay-we talked about dominant metals earlier!) and an accent. For instance, your coffee table has a brass trim and brass is your dominant metal; maybe a mirror on the wall is silver and the case good hardware is as well. Boom- perfect recipe!