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How to Choose the Right Sofa: 8 Way Hand Tie VS. Sinuos Spring

So you just bought a new sofa and you know it’s great because the sales people told you it’s great and the price was right. Well you should know more about what makes this new sofa so great, and why you payed so much money for it! The two most popular spring systems for upholstered furniture are 8-way hand tied springs and sinuous springs. Let’s talk about those.

8-Way Hand Tie

This method has long been considered the gold standard of sofa suspension and requires skilled craftsmanship. Laborers tie the springs eight different ways including side to side, diagonally and front to back. The springs are supported by webbing on the underside of the sofa, and the top springs are secured by twine (which is where the name comes in)! The twine is hand-tied at 8 different spots for each spring, and then attached to the frame. This method keeps the springs from shifting over wear-and-tear, and ensures that the suspension won’t squeak with use. This allows for a softer, supportive, flexible and comfortable piece of furniture. Because it takes more time and labor to build this system, pieces using this are generally more expensive. Even though you’ll spend more money upfront, this excellent quality allows for longevity (A.K.A. you won’t need another new couch in 5 years. #WIN)

Sinuos Spring

This is the most common type of sofa suspension system used in low-to mid-range sofas. This system uses heavy-gauge steel wires formed into an S-shaped coil. Then, the springs are attached to the frame using padded clips or fasteners and is then reinforced with horizontal metal rods. This type of construction requires less labor and skill, and is cheaper to produce than an 8-way system. Despite this, over the last 30 years, sinuous springs have provided a comfortable sit, while maintaining durability and quality

Lesson here is don’t waste your money buying furniture only to replace it in a few short years. When you’re buying furniture with either of these systems, you’ll be buying a comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting piece.

Holiday Gift Guide

It's two weeks away from Christmas Eve (a.k.a. "not Eve-n ready"). But now, you can be ready.  All of the items in this edition of Products We Love are currently in stock and ready to be wrapped lovingly with paper and bows -or stuffed in a bag with tissue paper three seconds before you leave the house- either way, we have gifts.  HERE.  NOW.

Don't battle the mall or constantly monitor your Track Your Package links.  Just come in and leave with the last remaining gifts you need for people and be done with it.  We have something for everyone here- more than whats on this guide as we are unwrapping a new shipment right now.

We always have something going on so that our shoppers can have an enjoyable shopping experience.  This month, as you well know at this point, we are giving to anyone who spends $500 and over a knit fringed throw blanket.  These are so nice that not only are they perfect for your home with the cold season upon us, but they are utterly gift worthy. 

As WELL.  Yes.  There's more.  If you buy two of our AU Collection candles you will receive a 3rd free of charge.  See #6 on our PWL Gift Guide below for one variety, but there are 6 total shapes available.  They are soy based, burn for over 60 hours and the sides won't collapse as the centers burn away.  PERFECT hostess gift, addition to a gift bag, and is a perfect stand alone gift for a funky friend. 

Tis the season!

Happy Shopping!  xo, the DRH Team

Happy Shopping!

xo, the DRH Team