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Boarding School : Hi Resolution New Years

Well, this year has gone by in five minutes.  And all of a sudden here we are planning our New Year's Eve events which are just days away! 

What do we wear?  What do we serve?  What to we bring to the party?  How do we decorate the space?  What do we do? 

We've got you covered.  We have compiled a new Pinterest Board for all things New Year's Eve.  Going out fancy?  Going to a friends house for a party?  Staying in, wearing sweats and ordering Chinese?  Have kids to celebrate with?  Need cocktail or appetizer inspiration?  Look no further.

DRH New Year Pins

We also have some fun news.  Our January Sale is something new we haven't done before yet, and we're excited about it.  Starting on the 1st, you'll receive 31% off your purchase.  The 2nd, you'll receive 30% off.  As the days go on, the discount descends, so come in soon to get the biggest bang for your buck! 

The first of the year is our biggest discount and we'll be serving New Year's Cocktails to celebrate 2016!  See you then- but until we do, happy, happy New Year to you and enjoy the night safely!

-The DRH Team