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Artist Feature: Caryl Hull Leavitt - All Things Aesthetic

At Darby Road HOME we pride ourselves on always having interesting and unique art, and that is just what Caryl Hull’s art embodies. Currently in the store we are featuring her work “Citrus” which is sure to brighten and refresh your day!

CITRUS - 24x18 inches framed, acrylic on paper, vintage paper, $1800 as a pair

Here are a few words from the artist herself:

“Working from observation, memory and intuition, with a nod to Josef and Anni Albers, I bring shape, color, and texture together along with the familiar materials such as paint, tape, stamps and post-it notes, to create complex images that evoke the joy of every day—real or imagined.

I move shapes around to nd relationships between color, scale and size, shifting them as I please, sometimes with great intention, other times not—always responding to the materials at hand to reveal their intrinsic beauty.

In this way, images emerge.

“Citrus” incorporates elements of a 1965 musical score cover I found in my travels that inspired this series.”

For more information, additional shows and artwork by Caryl, contact her via email or phone;, 617 869 8772 as well as her Instagram #caryl_hull_leavitt_art

Self Portrait by Caryl Hull

Self Portrait by Caryl Hull

To see more of Caryl’s work see below for current and upcoming exhibits:

18th Roddy: Juried Exhibit

Now - October 14, 2017

Two-person Show

April 15-May 15, 2019