Remodeling and Home Design

Designer Spotlight with Grace!


I joined the DRH team in the fall of 2018 and I have already learned so much. While my role is on the social media side of things, and less on the design, I still practice design and learn from my amazing co-workers. One of my favorite features to include in nearly any design, is a gallery wall.

A gallery wall, when done properly, can entirely transform a space. It can transform the space if it is the only thing that is done, or as an addition to a fully redesign. I admire that something this simple can change the aesthetic of a space, and it is one of my favorite inexpensive ways to dress a space. Let’s talk about how to properly execute a gallery wall!


First of all, Have fun with the layout!
As humans we are inherently drawn to symmetry, though that is a rule that I feel, is meant to be broken. Take this as an opportunity to represent who you are. Family pictures, artwork, black and white, color, prints- include it all. To me, the more pieces the more unique the installation. It doesn’t have to be pieces that are identical or even from the same artist, as long as the framing is cohesive it will look perfectly imperfect. Here is a great guide on various layouts (including symmetrical ones for all the rule-followers out there!)

Mix up the pieces!
Don’t be afraid to include eclectic pieces that aren’t considered “standard” wall art. I love to take framed artworks and match them with wall decor, instead of having to choose between one or the other!

Play with the levels!
A gallery wall can take up the whole wall, floor-to-ceiling, just half of the wall above a piece of furniture, a section of the wall where it’s empty. The point is- make it your own! Do what makes you happy, what reflects your personal style, and how you want to display it. Here are some ideas of the leveling you can play with.